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Located At 
2435 Old Philadelphia Pike
Smoketown PA 17576

Aqua Blue Wellness Center is a Natural Health Center located in Smoketown, PA. We offer a variety of state-of-the-art health services including: Thermal Imaging, Detox Therapy, M-Pulse Saunas, Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT), Nutritional IV Therapy and Massage Therapy.


Our team is dedicated to helping our clients live healthier and happy lives through the power of good health.


Thermal Imaging


Medical DITI is a non-invasive, no-radiation diagnostic technique that allows the examiner to visualise and quantify changes in skin surface temperature. 


Thermal Imaging is for visualing your pain, aiding in proper diagnosis and monitoring condtions and injuries.




We offer a full line-up of Therapy Services, including our popular Detox Therapy. This  electric-magnetic therapy produes a charge which stimulates the cells, The postiive and negative ions help to rebalence and release the toxins from your body. Many clients have testified improvement & relief from: Acid Reflux, Low Energy, Upper Respiratory Condtions, Genaral Aches & Pains, Common Cold & Flu, Heavy Metal Toxemia, Fatty Liver Disease, Sleeplessness and much more...

Connect with Us

We require appointments for many of our services; however, we do welcome walk-ins for our detox therapy (during business hours).



Why wait to feel better? We invite you to contact us to discuss your health needs.



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