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Aqua Blue Wellness Center Team Members. 


Lori Martin BCHP, CTT


Lori opened Aqua Blue Detox in 2008. Having gone through a time of poor health, she sought out alternative ways to improve her own wellbeing. After great improvement, she was excited to share her newfound health regiments with others. 

She studied at Trinity School of Natural Health and American College of Clinical Thermology and continues to study to increase her knowledge of natural health.


Marge Torshia CRNP

Marge joined the team at Aqua Blue Wellness as a nurse practitioner specializing in women's health. She previously provided primary care with Dr. Peter Hurtubise, who is now also with Aqua Blue Wellness, for 12 years. Torchia serves females from infancy to older adults. Her roles include health counseling, general family practice, annual gynecological checks and thermograph consultations, as well as addressing specific health concerns. She is also able to perform minor in-office surgical procedures such as the removal of skin lesions and abscess care.


Dawn Deiner RN


Nikki Acensio CPT-NHA

Mary Ann Martin RN

Dr. Peter Hurubise.jpeg

Dr. Peter Hurtubise D.O

Dr. Hurtubise provides new IV clients with a comprehensive health consultation during which he reviews their health history and blood test results in order to make recommendations of the IV plan that is best suited for their individual needs.

He has been a family physician in Lancaster County for more than 23 years. He has experience with a broad range of medical conditions including full family integrated medicine. His holistic approach to treatment includes an integrative perspective which embraces lifestyle management, modern pharmacologic therapy as well as a multitude of non-pharmacological approaches to care. He was trained and certified in Acupuncture at UCLA School of Medicine


Melissa Cirricione -LMT


Sheila Ulmer RN

Janelle Zimmerman RN

Dawn Goodling RN

Ellie Acensio CPT-NHA

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